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Your tailor-made maternity care

  • A committed maternity specialist throughout your maternity period.
  • Years of experience and expertise that go beyond maternity care.
  • Extra support and guidance during the breastfeeding period.
  • Custom maternity care, where your wishes are leading.
  • Maternity specialists with a love for the profession

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Handle with Care understands how special the first days of a child are and how important it is that the parents are supported in a professional yet personal way. That is why we offer more than just maternity care, so that we can help parents and their newborn child as well as possible in the first steps of a new life.

Your pregnancy step by step



Is your zip code not in our work area? Please contact us so that we can see if there is an option to still provide maternity care.

Handle with Care offers more than just the necessary.

Our maternity specialists are passionate and pay a lot of attention to you as a person, always staying professional.