Corona Update

Corona Update

We too have adapted our internal procedures and practices to the national guidelines on maternity care.

We are talking to our trade association. We will be immediately informed of changes made in the newspaper in this.

The choice of home-of-hospital childbirth is still not possible (unless it is medical). During childbirth in the hospital, only one supervisor may be present at birth for the time being. Maternity visits after childbirth are not wanted in the hospital.

Maternity visits cannot come home the maternity nurse in the family is.

Social contacts should be avoided in order to minimise and keep the risk of infection as low as possible. Advice for the maternity family is one of many diseases.

Our internal working method ensures that only one employee of our organization provides you with the maternity care. This is the flexible commitment of our employees.

For the time being, intakes,  with a short duration to childbirth, are only done by telephone, in order to limit contacts for pregnant and maternity care.

Of course, our maternity nurses adhere to their professional standards and hygiene guidelines.